One of WillGoDo's missions is to help people do whatever it is that they want to do and to accomplish their goals. I am not an exception and there are many things I need to get myself to do. In this spirit I will be participating in the Challenged Athletes Foundation's San Diego Triathlon Challenge. With seven weeks of training I will complete 2 legs of this half Ironman (for anyone confused the fraction refers to the distance). My teammate will cycle 56 miles on a handcycle in between my 1.2 mile swim and 13.1 mile runroll (my term for the racing wheelchair "run" portion). It will not be easy to complete, even with a good rest inbetween legs but with less than 5 weeks remaining I am positive that I will do it.

I have set the goal of completing this and following up with a solo half ironman in the spring with a full 140.6 mile ironman to follow - hopefully within a year of this post. It will take a lot of grinding and a lot of support.

Anybody interested in sponsoring any portion of this effort can contact me, I will work with you to ensure it is money well spent. If anyone out there would like to join me in San Diego,