Next UP!

RAAM_logocolor(1) My next race is official, not because I've qualified but because I've broken the news to my wife.    =)

That is the same  as seeking approval, I more or less go it. Still, there is a TON to figure out: crew, planning, training, moneys to find, and also a little 400 mile, 32 hour race in order to qualify, the SoCal 400. At least, I know what's next in my sights - it's a little ditty called RAAM (Race Across America)

It'sa gonna be hard.

A 3,000 mile cycling race from Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD. We will ride about 700 miles further than an average Tour de France, in half the time. Only two teams of handcyclists have completed RAAM before and they were complete stud cyclists. In 2009, Carlos Moleda and his 4-man team made in and last year, Thomas Fruworth and Manfred Putz (of Austria and Germany) took it to the next level. In each case the teams worked in a relay format, spending 4-8 hours riding and then rotating to catch an equivalent amount of rest. This will very much be the next level = no breaks. By the stroke of the 12th day, I'll need to be across the finish line to become the first solo handcyclist RAAM finisher. I have no clue what's going to happen.

Therein lies my desire to do this. I'm turned-on by the fear in the sense that the "alive switch" on me gets flipped to "ON" and I'm all go. There's so much to figure out and I love solving problems. I also love the unknown because there's a massive internal buzz of worry, nerves, excitement, and hope that gets churning in the lead up. I can feel it already. It is good.

-AjK, 2nd February 2015