Laid off? Get Fit!


Ahhh, the joys of free time. I was handed this gift by my former employer recently. It wasn't really intended as a gift, but everything is what you make of it. For me, it has meant a lot of training and some spiffing up of the old blog.

When I met an unemployed buddy of mine over Christmas I begged him to "please, enjoy your time off and don't spend your days worrying about not having a job." That was a mistake I made back when I was looking for a paycheck. I didn't spend that time so well and I didn't find that great of a job either...

Anyone hear of that guy who got laid off from Boeing and his big plan was to break the Donkey Kong record, set back in 1982? Well, he did it and it seems that made him happy. I didn't make it through the entire documentary but it's still pretty interesting. 

The point is that goals, momentum, and positive attitude always have and always will do a lot more for me than focusing on things I can't control.

As to the narcissistic photo up there - all I want to say is that growing up I just could not make muscles. Based on my experience, I encourage you to go buy a cane, a wheelchair, and a handcycle. Maybe you should also start swimming with your legs Indian style (Turkish style for the Euros). I promise you won't need to lift weights again...I never do.

Always remember, there is never a shortage of possibilities.