André's Back

Maybe everybody has times that aren't so fantastic, I definitely do. They are somewhat cyclical and probably coincide with a combination of negative things coming together. Feeling a bit lost and having an injury, those two might just be at work recently.


Now this isn't severe, so to be clear I'm not comparing this to depression or anything like it. While I've had a deep dive or two, I know nothing of the subject. I'm also not giving any prescriptions because I don't really know what to do about it, even this kiddy pool I've been wading in.

I think having a bunch of different routines and systems in place helps. Getting on a good bike ride sure helps. Listening to some seriously dance-your-face-off-energetic music also does some wonders (although I don't think it helped my neck any...). Having something to work on helps and getting back to my daily system either helps or is a byproduct of an improved mood.

Well, I'm back! 

That's all this post is really about. Knowing that eventually, I swing back around, feel driven, and reinforce that it's all temporary. The bad becomes good, the good bad, and all of it just continually changes until it's altogether done being. 

Struggling through, celebrating onward, pushing er pulling, floating, and so on...

It feels good to be back for the moment, trying to enjoy it and get some shit done.

Last post wasn't edited and this one was hardly thought through but a post per 3 days is gonna happen whether I'm proud of it or not.

24th Just 2018