An odd way to describe it, but this is why I write (what I really should say here is this is why I SHOULD WRITE A LOT MORE):

I was trying something new on the ride to work today because my body doesn't seem to be working. A year later and my body hasn’t recovered after RAAM yet (been lazy too! not lyin').

I’ve done some 40-50 mile rides but even during my commute, little issues are popping up, like my neck and back giving me grief. I’m sore and fatigued after every ride.

Since it doesn’t seem to be improving, I decided to return to basics. Assuming that Race Across America just totally broke my body down to nothing, I’m starting over. Small rides, knee pushups, lots of stretching, foam roller, and this morning I was just going to spin light gears.

I was doing just that until some dude flew past me… and I just couldn't help it. Quite a bit of energy was spent just catching the guy. Then we rode pretty swiftly for 30 minutes or so. It was a workout. My plan had lasted for about 500 meters.

Everday and in every way, I get knocked off my plan - that is if I even have one (mostly don’t).

Beyond plans, how about my train of thought? What about trying to improve myself, work on things, or revisit all the shit that just - don't - go - right.

I won't just miraculously take away lessons, chew over yesterdays thoughts, revisit insights...

So that’s why I say,
iYAYAT  => If You ain’t writin’ you ain’t tryin’

This is how I learn WHAT I think, work through thoughts I have during the day, and create documents that I can refer back to in order to remember things. My morning lesson isn’t going to stick on it’s own. When you write, you realize how precious some thoughts are and how easily they are vaporized into oblivion. One moment's insightful wisdom is the next moments “What was I thinking about!?”

So I write.

Writing this blog, aiming for a minimum of 1 every 3 days, makes me work to identify something worth making a post about - debatable results but I try.

Every morning I write for at least 15 minutes in a notebook. They're stacking up. Usually it’s just whatever comes to my mind, even if I sit there blankly until something pops into it.

Finally, I write notes, thoughts, reminders, and todos throughout the day. Some scraps get lost or just pile up - but I retain more than I would and am never short of material to chew on and, most importantly, revisit.

So, if I'm gonna try in this life, I gotta write akak - iYAYAT !!!

31st July 2018