Need Juice? Gotta Squeeze!


I suppose sitting here on the side of the road, waiting for my wife to come pick me up, can be shown as yet another example of can do versus will do. I definitely set out on this handcycle ride with the can do attitude. That wasn't enough and after 33 miles - I just couldn't go any farther. Let me see,

Can do:

Ride east, go far, turn around at some point and ride home. Pretending it was race day, I set my fastest pace yet and was pretty excited to have crossed the 30 mile mark in record time. However, I did this even though I stayed up late and drank some amount - let's leave it at some - of wine the night before. I didn't bring enough fluids with me and I had no source of sustaining calories.

I think the can do attitude gets you only so far...and right now that's 10 miles short of home.

Will do:

Plan, prepare, execute. When I say that I'll do something I not only have to believe that I can do it but I have to include what I need to do for it to get a real shot. 

What is this going to take?
How much am I going to need to give?

Setting goals, dreaming up fantastic endeavours, it all counts for crap if you don't also figure out a way to make it happen - day in, day out.

There is more to determination than wanting it.

My goal is to go down to Texas and earn a spot in Kona. I've tried to play it off as unlikely and that this is simply a fun event that I want to enjoy and complete.

Yet, that is not what I TRULY feel and I  must be attuned to my desires...otherwise, there will be a time, as there has been in the past - when all I can say is:

"I could have".

The size of that goal comes with even larger demands. Training isn't just sweating a couple times a day, eating right, and planning for the physical task ahead. More is required, yet it's easier for me to go out for a ride than it is to get all my stuff prepared for the next day, after a ride.

Diligence pays those dues.

As Rudy Garcia-Tolson advised me recently:

"train hard - stay focused."

If that's your juice man....then  we should all drink up!


Laid off? Get Fit!


Ahhh, the joys of free time. I was handed this gift by my former employer recently. It wasn't really intended as a gift, but everything is what you make of it. For me, it has meant a lot of training and some spiffing up of the old blog.

When I met an unemployed buddy of mine over Christmas I begged him to "please, enjoy your time off and don't spend your days worrying about not having a job." That was a mistake I made back when I was looking for a paycheck. I didn't spend that time so well and I didn't find that great of a job either...

Anyone hear of that guy who got laid off from Boeing and his big plan was to break the Donkey Kong record, set back in 1982? Well, he did it and it seems that made him happy. I didn't make it through the entire documentary but it's still pretty interesting. 

The point is that goals, momentum, and positive attitude always have and always will do a lot more for me than focusing on things I can't control.

As to the narcissistic photo up there - all I want to say is that growing up I just could not make muscles. Based on my experience, I encourage you to go buy a cane, a wheelchair, and a handcycle. Maybe you should also start swimming with your legs Indian style (Turkish style for the Euros). I promise you won't need to lift weights again...I never do.

Always remember, there is never a shortage of possibilities.


San Diego Triathlon Challenge


Got down to San Diego early Friday morning, rented a car, drove to La Jolla, had a practice swim in the cove, ate sushi, slept, worried, waited...and then swam 1.9km and ran (wheelchaired) 21km.

It was beautiful, fulfilling, and inspiring - you can do it too! Just sign up - this is an event worth bringing friends, family, or your own team to!

It is for fun and for an incredible cause!

Sign up now for next year - it is a great way to Force yourself to workout (so, don't wait until the last minute to sign up like I did =)